Other Art

The Bitty Baddies series follows a very specific formula that appeals to my graphic designer sensibilities. They’re easy and fun for me to create.

As a mom of two little people I don’t have a ton of time to create art… especially if its the messy kind like painting or making collages. Every now and again I’ll be struck with an idea that I’ll plug away at as time permits. Here are some of those pieces and some others from the time before kids.

My new favorite artist these days is my son Judah. Now one might think this is because he’s my son and I’m partial, but his style reminds me of Wassily Kandinsky my other favorite artist.

Below left is a drawing by my son Judah. I love the movement in his pieces. He often draws complicated assembly lines of activities like robots being built. I plan to photograph them and add color on the iPad in the style of Kandinsky’s pieces. I love his line work.

The completed piece by 6 year old, Judah P. Hossain (colored by his mama, Jody Parmann).