The Questionable Nature of Daisy Darkling

Here’s my first kid’s book and let me tell you… it’s been a long and hard learning experience.

My first foray into this medium I would say is about 50% successful.

I love how it turned out because the story is personal to me. I was, and remain, a “Daisy Darkling” – a little dark, sometimes misunderstood, but definitely not a villain.

That said, I don’t think this one has a wide ranging appeal that I can sell to publishers. For me to make those kind of efforts I’ll have to come up with something different… a genius tale with tighter illustrations.

When it comes to illustrating books, I didn’t love every moment of it… but I liked well enough to keep working at it for other stories I have simmering.

I’m going to print a copy for my kids, and perhaps one for the Raven Cafe. I’d love for folks to take a look and let me know if I missed any glaring typos before I do…

Ahem, Lee Ann, Bonnie, Tara and Squee….

“Daisy Darkling” PDF Download

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