Taking a chance…

Once upon a time I went to a Supernatural convention. I was underwhelmed and rather disappointed. I chalked it up to a learning experience and realized actors can be rather cranky.

As a hardcore introvert, the thought of the masses all wanting to engage and a piece of my energy sounds hellish. Who wouldn’t be cranky?

On the first evening of the Motor City Nightmares convention I approached an actor about getting an autograph. As a vendor, I was trying to get it done lickety split so I could get back to my booth. The actor was less than gracious as I approached. He was chatting with another actor and told me to come back.

I didn’t go back.

To me the experience is much more important than the ink on the page. The negativity of the encounter soured me to attempting to get any other autographs.

Fast forward – last day, near the end of day I decided to take a chance and get Clive Barker to sign my Bitty Baddies Pinhead before he left. Afterall, when would I ever have the opportunity again?

I’m so glad I did. He was kind, engaged and even asked me to email him my NIGHTBREED piece.

I sensing a trend.

Creators = Kind

Actors = Asshats

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