How do they justify it?

While some may argue, I think most people know climate change is a reality. I understand the power of greed. I now understand why my mom Frances Parmann, who was a career waitress, used to say “Republicans work for the rich and we’re poor. So we’re democrats.”

I remember arguing with her because my dad who was a veteran, and a Christian, particularly loved the republican leaders of his time. He even wrote an opinion piece about abortion that they published in our local paper, the Times Herald.

My dad died when I was just seven. He was a wonderful father who actually played with his children. Once, he even set up a “carnival” in our backyard for me and my neighborhood friends. He loved my sister and me fiercely and we missed him terribly when he was gone.

For a long time I held his Christian beliefs as sacred doctrine. This seems to happen when someone dies. We idealize them as some sort of perfect being.

Eventually, with the help of a counselor, I had to develop my own moral compass, instead of defaulting to my dead father’s. I realized I was a poor liberal pro-choice atheist and my ideals more closely matched that of democrats.

2018 Election

Back to climate change… if greed motivates republican policy maker’s decisions and that is what fuels their denial. Do they truly NOT believe in climate change or just publicly deny it because it is at odds with their greed? I view politicians with some major reservations. From my perspective, to pursue and achieve that amount of power means they could be characterized in the following broad categories: (

  • The Narcissist
  • The Obsessive Compulsive
  • The Machiavellian
  • The Authoritarian
  • The Paranoid
  • The Totalitarian

Not exactly a stellar list of personality types that scream hero. I daresay, they sound like villains!?

For me, leadership roles have always come from my “well if no one else will step up, then I guess it has to be me.” mentality. As a creative/visual thinker I do have ideas I’d like to see implemented, but I don’t pursue power or enjoy the great responsibilities that come with it. It’s complicated and I prefer life to be simple.

So back to republican politicians – they deny climate change and roll out political agendas that benefit big business (big money) at the expense of the planet.

These same politicians are parents and grandparents. As the policies they enabled allow for more and more damage to our planet how do they justify it when they look at their children and/or grandchildren – the generation who will inherit this planet?

I get greed, but I don’t get that.

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