The Perfection of Rejection

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down. Not one, but TWO conventions rejected the Bitty Baddies. Pursuing artistic endeavors takes a lot of grit. The very nature of art-making invites criticism and rejection. I have moments of self-doubt – questioning whether I’m spending my time and talents wisely.

My whole life I’ve got a lot of raised eyebrows and “I don’t get it?”, but I’ve also gotten a lot of encouragement from my parents, teachers and friends.

Just the same, rejection hurts.

Yesterday worked out perfectly though. The first rejection opened up October. In 2018, I displayed and sold Halloween themed Bitty Baddies at the Raven and it went over like gangbusters. (Part of doing conventions is logistics. Do I have enough stuff? Do I need to order more? Where is my work and do I need to pull it for a show? Soooo glamorous, I know 😉

The second rejection spurred me to look for another convention to replace it. I applied to Michigan Comic Con (my very first) and they accepted me! As a bonus, some artist pals, (Jason Westlake & Jaime Corker) will be there, so it’s sure to be a hoot!

Like Homer said, “Everything is wrapped up in a neat little package!” —- Ooooh, Bart Simpson would make an interesting Bitty Baddy.

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