My Strategy for Getting Shit Done

I’ve been asked repeatedly recently how I manage to do it all, art, Raven, children, etc.

Like everybody I always feel like I could accomplish more. Today I took a nap with my toddler. For 2 hours I accomplished zilch… or did I? For me a nap with my toddler is not wasted time. I get to comfort her to sleep and I’m there for the moment when she wakes up and smiles at me.

So I try to keep things like that in perspective.

One of my secret weapons is my husband. He’s an artist, so he gets it. He makes dinner so that is a domestic duty that doesn’t eat up my time. And he’s an amazing cook for the record.

Another is multi-tasking. I can spend quality time with Judah while feeding my creative demon. I do cooperative art with him! Have you seen

My iPad and Apple Pencil are a major factor – I don’t have to buy art supplies. I don’t have to clean my always messy workspace to start a piece. It’s portable and not messy. A perfect tool for a busy mama.

At the Raven my role is to make it look good. So while some projects are time consuming others are not. The general running of the business is handled by, my husband, Sadaat and our managers. They are the amazing ones that make sure the food and service is on point. That’s all them.

But here’s the bit that people giggle about…

As a child of the 80s I was basically raised the TV and so I think my life in terms of episodes (days or weeks) and seasons (months or years) and try to accomplish things like a television series. Each episode is a small manageable project I can accomplish in a short time period. This helps me feel like I’m moving forward. I also have larger projects I’m plugging away at that I’m working to complete as my “season finale”.

It’s weird, I’m warped by TV, but it works for me.

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