Bitty Baddy Jason Vorhees

I have especially loved doing Bitty Baddy Jason. I grew up on Friday the 13th movies and my favorite part was always the glimpses of humanity. Particularly in the Friday the 13th: Part II where the token survivor girl donned his mother’s sweater. The head tilt would always make me wonder if there was a chance at redemption.

Doing Jason presented the challenge how to make a Bitty Baddy without eyes? Jason is mostly recognizable from his hockey mask and machete. So, I went back to the first Friday the 13th movie where we see Jason as a child drowning. It’s never established whether this scene was a dream or reality, but I used the face as a reference. In particular I used the a sculpture by Casey Love for reference.

To be recognizable as Jason though, I’d need to feature his mask. Always inspired by the prolific Margaret Keane I used her 1963 painting “Happy Mask, Unhappy Boy” for the the composition.

To date, he’s my favorite!

2 thoughts on “Bitty Baddy Jason Vorhees

  1. Excellent! Ran across it while doing a GIS while I was trying to figure out what the big-eye paining was in the Keese bedroom in the 1981 masterpiece “Neighbors”.


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