Where do you see this going?

“Where do you see this going?” I was asked this very question from a fellow entrepreneur friend regarding the Bitty Baddies. “I can see this blowing up?!” She exclaimed. This assessment is a high compliment coming from her. She’s done some incredible things with her own business ventures.

My reply was this, “I don’t know. I really just like doing them. I like drawing them. I like going to conventions and nerding out with the attendees. The money I make from selling prints and whatnot pretty much gets funneled right back into my artistic endeavors. It’s a great way to support my “art habit.”

That said, I do have one thing on the horizon that I’m pretty pumped about.  I’d like to start producing trading cards that would double as business cards and also play as a simple War game. I’d have a new one at each event I attended. I may even sell decks, and expansion packs eventually.

As a game of War I’ll need to assign them a value. I’d like to do it based on their perceived “badness”. I’ll need some help with this peanut gallery.



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