Heart Swap… ahem, ART HOP

Recently I got a communiqué from Downtown Port Huron reminding me of the upcoming Fall Art Hop happening downtown Friday, October 12th. As the Raven Café’s marketing person, I’m in charge of scheduling an artist for the event. While brainstorming who’s art would be perfect for the October event, I had an epiphany – the Bitty Baddies!

October being the vessel month of Halloween, my cute little ghouls would fit right in. My next scheduled Comic Con isn’t till March of next year. My spawn are languishing at home, unloved. Many folks ask if I have more designs printed than what I have available at the Raven – YES, I DO!

“So, Boils and Ghouls, get out your diePhone and open your KILLendar and pencil me in!” <insert Cryptkeeper laugh here>

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK – https://www.facebook.com/events/525244361266541/

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