The Smoking Bouffant & The Crown of Contention

Recently I was alerted by another artist that a Covet Fashion designer named Marcus Lee Tam was using my art and selling it as his own. As you can imagine I was very angry. I wanted to publicly shame him for his crime. I knew the truth was on my side and I have evidence for days. I could have just quietly contacted the company, but I wanted him exposed. I wanted potentially unethical artists to think twice about stealing someone’s work.

Well Marcus Lee Tam is kind of famous (who knew) and his fans are brutal, so after a day of wasted time and energy I was about to throw in the towel. Shouldn’t it be enough that I know? Could I reclaim my zen by thinking “karma’s a bitch”?

I could, but then I was contacted by various Covet players who encouraged me not to give up, not to let him get away with it. If he’d done it to me it was likely he’d done it to others.

So here are the points of contention…

I do fan art. It is based on pop culture villains in the style of Margaret Keane’s big-eyed waifs. This is no secret. This is front and center on any article you’ll read about the Bitty Baddies series.

Reference Crown
Reference image – which can be found here –

The crown in contention was based on the image above. I used it as a reference, but I did redraw it completely. I even screen shot the process which is dated January 1, 2018. 


His followers are loyal and they’d like to believe that Marcus and I used the same reference piece, BUT the smoking gun is Akasha’s bouffant. This shows without a doubt that Marcus’s piece was directly cropped from my file.


The piece is based on Akasha, Queen of the Damned. It is fan art. That’s literally the point. She’s a bad guy re-imagined in the style of Margaret Keane’s big eyed waifs.

Here is my various digital evidence proving that I created the piece. If COVET FASHION contacts me I’ll happily supply my working Adobe Draw file that’s still in layers as proof also.

Marcus Lee Tam, tell the truth. For the sake of fellow artists trying to make a living just like you… be honest.

Jody Parmann


Covet Fashion has removed my design from their game. I want to give a HUGE shout out to all the wonderful people who supported me during this ordeal. You took the time to stand up for a stranger because it was the right thing to do. You are all heroes in my book.

I also want to publicly apologize for PMing Marcus Lee Tam’s followers. I was angry, I lost my temper, but it was wrong.

I am not sorry that I spoke up for myself and other artists like me.

I’m not sorry that Marcus’s reputation has been tarnished. An artist who would steal from another artist, publicly claim it as his, should be publicly shamed.

What he did is not harmless. Artists bring so much to the online community. They should be respected.

11 thoughts on “The Smoking Bouffant & The Crown of Contention

  1. Marcus Tam is a male Covet player amidst a huge sea of female Covet players. He’s like an “idol” in the community. No matter what he does, his fans will try to protect him whether it’s wrong or right. Just by a glance I could tell that he cut your original drawing and used it for himself. His fans are extremely dumb to not see that. And then there are the fans who Googled images of Akasha’s crown saying that you copied it too. They do not get it. They do not get the whole point. If I drew a picture of a Disney princess, say, Jasmine, then that is not stealing. But if someone were to take my drawing of Jasmine and use it for their own, then that’s stealing. You have to understand, most of these players are stay-at-home mums who have nothing better to do than go back and forth between Covet Fashion and Facebook on their phones, and have absolutely no common sense, nor any knowledge of technology (seriously, they’re saying that your crown is different from Marcus because Marcus’s crown had pointier tips *eyeroll*). Anyway, just know that we the sane Covet Players out there are here to support you. Marcus Tam has stolen your artwork and he hasn’t said anything in over 24 hours. We are all truly disappointed in him. Not because he stole your artwork (since people do that everyday anyway) but because he sat quietly and let his dick-thirsty fans stand in front of him like his personal guards or something (sorry for the foul language). Least he could do is apologize to you. We will be sending emails to Covet Fashion to let them know (although I’m sure they should’ve heard the news by now). And hey, beautiful artwork by the way! 😉 We would still love to have it in the game. We hope Covet Fashion could somehow compensate you for that!


    • Thank you for sending this. It’s been a disheartening 24 hours and I was ready to give up. I have 2 little ones I need to be present for and fighting with his fans is time-consuming and pointless (like arguing politics). People’s sending me letters like this has made all the difference. I want my kids to know that their mom stands up to those who would bully her into silence.


      • You have done absolutely nothing wrong so no need to feel bad. All you did was you drew that crown (although I believe you might’ve traced it, as it looks super similar to the original picture BUT nonetheless you colored it in yourself and made it look symmetrical and neat) and posted it, and another artist saw it and thought it was pretty, and cropped and used it in his artwork and made money with it. I would be furious too if I were you.


    • I totally agree that the image has been cropped and blatantly stolen. Im not sure how I managed to work that out though, being a stay at home mum with no common sense or knowledge of technology.
      Hope covet give you some compensation.


  2. OMG I’m Covet Fashion Player and I follow Marcus… what a shame! D: they “fix it” but I don’t know I Can’t trust on him anymore 😂


  3. Hello Judy, I have been silently reading about your case these past 2 days and it is clear that Marcus stole the crown from you. I am sorry his crazy fans bullied you. I run several Fashion Houses (sort of like guilds in other games) filled with 50 people each. We have agreed that what he did was intolerable and disgusting, especially when he hasn’t come forward to apologize for his actions. Me and several of my Fashion House members who has ‘liked’ his page are gonna ‘unlike’ it now. Really lost all sense of respect for him. He was an astounding fan-artist, but no morals. Covet Fashion has changed the crown now, but I’m sure you still feel horrible about the whole incident. So.. here’s a virtual hug for you! *hugs* cheer up!


    • Thanks. I’m hoping this ordeal serves as a cautionary tale to those who would steal another artist’s work. I don’t know Marcus, I don’t hate him, but I hate what he did and ultimately I wish COVET FASHION would make a statement condemning unethical practices such as plagiarism. Artists bring so much beauty to the online community in so many ways. They should celebrated and respected.


  4. Your work is gorgeous. The new styling isn’t as great.
    I’m a hobbyist photography. He and Covet had violated copyright laws. You had an awesome case for reimbursement .
    Honestly, they shouldn’t have restyled, but contracted with you for work.
    Dunno what it pays but have found my work everywhere. Even Delta Air travel mags.
    I allow certain uses, mostly non-commercial use free.
    Al others pay cash!


    • Thank you. I really love doing the series. I joke that the money I make from them goes to support my “art habit”. At this stage in my life making money from my art is a bonus, but that wasn’t always the case. Which is why what Marcus did bugs me so much. There are people whose livelihood is their art and other artists should understand and respect that.

      As far as Covet goes they have been in touch with me (see UPDATE 2) and as far as I can tell they are trying to rectify the problem. Fingers crossed they make a statement about plagiarism not being tolerated.


  5. Did Covet compensate you at all? You really deserve some kind of compensation for this. Even with them changing it.


    • From what I’ve heard they’re pretty greedy. It would be a lot of head ache for not much compensation. What I plan on doing is periodically checking Marcus’s work. If I find more plagiarism I’ll notify the artist and Covet.


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